• Discovering and Knowledge
Slimming down the right way and healthily with "RAZKEF"
Dr. Atalya Conley, a doctor in diagnosis and counseling according to the holistic approach, director of a clinic that treats according to the holistic approach - body-mind-soul - combining approaches from the Western Medicine and modern Psychology for 26 years already, developed the nutrition supplement "RAZKEF" for slimming down healthily and easily and keeping a healthy, vital body.
"During the 1980s I started to notice that many persons suffer ... קראו עוד
• The Importance of the Foundations
(''The 'LEGO' cubes of God'') = Amino Acids
Every protein that we eat undergoes a process of break down that starts in the stomach and ends in the intestines. The protein breaks down into amino acids and in this way it is assimilated into the bloodstream. The cells contain receptors that assimilate them. There is a common receptor for each group of such acids; in this way not all of them are assimilated into the body at once. There exist 22 amino acids that are vital for the person:... קראו עוד