Asia and Lifelong Learning

Building a Learning Society in Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore
UIL Series on Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies No. 2
Jin Yang and Rika Yorozu
UIL, 2014, 48 pages
ISBN 978-92-820-1193-3

Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore are in the process of adopting approaches that can be characterized by the terms ‘learning society' and ‘lifelong learning'. This report discusses policies, action plans, governance and financing from each country and clarifies some common lessons which can be drawn from the three countries' endeavours. Furthermore, it outlines how each country incorporates quality formal education, learning cities and community-based learning, workplace learning, ICT and e-learning, and recognizing learning outcomes.
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Community Matters: Fulfilling Learning Potentials for Young Men and Women
UIL Policy Brief 4
UIL, 2014, 4 pages

The fourth in UIL's series of policy briefs looks at the involvement of youth in multipurpose community learning spaces and centres and supports their full participation in learning and community development activities. It is based on discussions that took place during the International Policy Forum on Literacy and Life Skills Education for Vulnerable Youth through Community Learning Centres, which was held from 20 to 22 August 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and describes features of community learning centres across world regions. Furthermore, it illustrates how community learning centres in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand and the United Kingdom engage young men and women in the planning and implementation processes.

Communities in Action: Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development
UIL Research Series No. 1
Fumiko Noguchi, Jose Roberto Guevara and Rika Yorozu
UIL, 2015, 56 pages
ISBN 978-92-820-1197-3

This handbook identifies principles and policy mechanisms to advance community-based learning for sustainable development based on the commitments endorsed by the participants of the Kominkan-CLC International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, which was in Okayama City, Japan, in October 2014. To inform policymakers and practitioners new to this field, the handbook clarifies the international vision and goals for sustainable development and Education for Sustainable Development, and identifies the potential contributions of community-based learning centres and organizations. It documents both policy and practice from different regions and concludes with a summary of principles and policy support mechanisms.
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